Our Believes

We believe in providing a high quality service, friendly and quick customer attention, to an extraordinary price and here at ScanSat we call it our plan possible.


Our Team

At Scan Sat Network, we all come to work every day because we want to deliver our clients the same trust in us as we have in our plan possible.


Plan Possible

Our plan possible is a simple yet extraordinary plan and goal for us as a telecommunication service company, and consists in being able to deliver to our clients the service and quality they both want and need, in other words we strive to be able to deliver a High Quality Service and Stability, to an incredible price and to be able to give our clients a friendly and near customer service in any kind of language starting from the first contact as our customer until forever.

Our plan possible is our motivation through out the day, the week, the month and the year, its the reason why we come to work everyday, why we strive to improve minute by minute and learn as much and as quick as possible, to be able to reach the 100% of our plan Possible.

Fiber Optics Information

Deployment Status 24%
Service Quality 93%
Value for Price 92%
Installation Requests /Month 35%