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PBX Virtual

  • This is a Telephone central system that enhances your possibilities with your clients by having a customized calling systems, with dialing options, transfers, extensions and all customized for your business and your needs.
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Hotspot Service

  • This is a custom designed Hotspot Page where you can have a open network with all the info you need and also have the clients of your network login, either by tickets, with the bills (for example. get a coffee and get 1h internet), login with social networks with a full and easy dashboard for you to see traffic, number of clients connected and even if you want their email and details they have signed in with (if they accept conditions).
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Cabling and Setups

  • We will also fix for you cabling systems, pulling cable and setting up different workstations with any kind of customization, Racks and organizing, Access Points and planning internet coverage.


Please contact us and let us know what ideas you have regarding your business and how you would like to improve it and we are more than happy to meet you and present you our ideas and our solutions for your business that can help you enhance specially your communication with your clients, while many other areas aswell.


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