First we have to reboot the GI BOX

We do this by unplugging the power and then plug it back in again.

Once rebooted wait 5 minutes for it to start up correctly and then test again.

If you still see your channels stopping please go to step 2.


We now have to open the menu using the GI Remote to check our signals

If you get the menu then we will proceed to check the signal by going to Installation > Satellite Installation

Once in here at the bottom you will see two bars with level and quality. If you see the signal and quality stable proceed to step 5.

If the bars are jumping or Moving up and down please contact us by clicking here.


Now we are in the correct menu and you have signal. Now we will check and do a Channel Search.

To do this you have to press on the Red button “Audio” on the remote and a small menu will pop up.

Go to the bottom using the arrows on the remote, and choose “OK to Search”  It will start searching for the channels.

Once finished, it will reach 100% and then go back to the Satellite Menu.

Press on Exit and test your channels and everything should be ok.