First of all we have to check our router, first we make sure that it has lights and its connected to the power.

Next we proceed to reboot our router by unplugging the Black cable on the back of the router and plugging it back in again.

Wait for about 5 min and then try again, if your problem has not been solved please go to step 2.


Now that we have rebooted the router we check on the lights to see if we see that the wifi light is ON or BLINKING

If its not on then we check on the back of the router, there is a small button that says WIFI, we press one click on it and see if the light comes back on.

If the light comes on then we go to our device and check again if our network shows now.

If its still not showing our wifi network then we go to step 3.




Now checked all this, your router might be reseted due to the reset button or maybe some power pikes in your electric cabling.

If your router is rested then your wifi name will show as TPLINK_XXXX (XXXX being the last digits on the MAC located under the Router)

The password to login will also be found under the Router as Wireless Password or PIN.