First of all we have to locate and go to our POE (Power Over Ethernet), This is a Small black box (shown in picture) that gives power to the antenna located on your Roof.

What you have to do now is to Unplugg the power to it and plug it back in again.

This will reboot the Antenna and refresh everything, this might take 5/10 min for the antenna to comeback online.

Check your connection and if still doesn’t work please proceed to step 2.



Now that we have rebooted our POE and made sure that it has a light on it.

Now we have to check our router, first we make sure that it has lights and its connected to the power.

Next we proceed to reboot our router by unplugging the Black cable on the back of the router and plugging it back in again.

Wait for about 5 min and then try again, if your problem has not been solved please go to step 3.


Now that we have rebooted the POE and Rebooted the Router, now we proceed to check that all the cables are connected in the correct way.

First we make sure that the cable that goes from “LAN in the POE” goes to the “BLUE WAN port in the ROUTER“.

Now we make sure that all the cables are connected correctly by unplugging them and plugging them back in and here the “click” and since we have unplugged the cables, the antenna might have been restarted again.

Wait 10 min and try again, if still doesn’t work as it should please proceed to step 4.



Now that we have rebooted all the equipment, everything should be fine again, if still not ok then we need to check that we are connected correctly to our Wifi Network.

Check that you are connected to your network and if you are not connected to your network, then click on your wifi name to connect to it, a message will come up and ask you for a password, this is the password for your wifi that was given to you when installed.

If you can’t remember your password or can’t see your wifi name please click here:  I can’t find my Wifi Network