First of all we have to locate and go to our Fiber Router (ONT), Now that we have it in front then what we need to reboot the router.

We can reboot the Router (ONT) by unplugging the power and plug it back in again.

Wait for 5 minutes and then try again.

If you still have slow connection please go to step 2.


After rebooting everything we need to make sure to know if we are connected via WIFI or via CABLE.

Are you using wifi? Are you far from the router? If you are not close to the router and connected by wifi, there might be a problem with the WIFI signal due to cement walls or being far away from the router.

Go close to the router and check again, is it better, if so contact us and we will come with a good solution for you by clicking here.

If connected via cable, or close to the WIFI and still have a slow internet connection please go to Step 3.


Now that we have rebooted everything and we have in mind the difference between WIFI and CABLE, we will now test our connection.

We start by trying to do a Speedtest, we recomend using this one Speedtest

Are you getting the speed you are paying for? If so then you can check out higher speeds and other plans that might be interesting by clicking here.

* Remember that you might have slightly lower speeds on wifi than cable depending on your router, Consult us to know more about this by clicking here