There can be any error codes that you find when browsing or using the internet, here we specify what many of the errors mean, what they can be due to and also how to solve most of them.




Server cannot be found.

This might be because either, the webpage you are trying to access doesn’t exist because maybe its written incorrectly, or that it can’t find the webpage due to that your current internet connection is not working or the webpage is temporary not working.

We recommend to check other webpages to see if your internet connection is working. If not please read this other guides: My wimax doesn’t work  or  My fiber doesn’t work.

If other webpages work but not this one please read this: I cant see some specific webpages

400 Bad Request

This error occurs when the server is not able to understand the request. It happens when the rules of the HTTP protocol is neglected by the browser. This causes difficulty to the server to process the request.

This error can occur due to bad internet connection, please read this to see guides: Im not getting my full fiber speed   or Im having a slow wimax connection.

Or caching problems, to empty your cache please read this here. I cant see some specific webpages

404 Not Found

This error occurs when a user tries to access a webpage that doesn’t (or no longer) exists. The causes of this error could be from broken links, incorrect URLs, or a redirected page that is no longer valid

This can be fixed by checking that the URL is correctly written, that the link is valid and not expired, this can also be due to caching or old cache problems and to empty your cache please read this here. I cant see some specific webpages