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All the solutions you need for your business to connect to your clients.

Here at ScanSat we have been working with business solutions for over 13 years, and now we have more solutions and better quality than ever. We are able to provide any kind of Telecommunication solution for your business that you might need. In the list below you will find some of our most important and used services. To be able to give you the best service we recommend contacting us and we will send a technician team to value the best solutions together with a personalized budget.


Structured Cabling

We at Scansat are able to provide all types of cabling, laying out fiber and ethernet cable indoor and outdoor, setting up cabling in offices, together with all the equipment needed, such as switches, routers, telephones computers… To know more about exactly what we can provided with cabling for you we recommend contacting us and we can send our technicians to check up the work without any cost.

Racks & Data Center

We can provide you with racks, and all the setup and cabling you need for your business or office, we study the equipment needed and calculate a personalized budget just for you together with the configuration of all the equipment just as you need by our engineers.

Hotspot & AP / WIFI Setup

We provide as well a Hotspot service, with social media login (Facebook and Instagram), Like facebook page to login, with the design, recompilation of statistics and logged on Emails for marketing according to GDPR Law. We provide also WiFi Setup calculating the area to get the best coverage as possible.

PBX Telephone Central

Here at Scansat we are also able to provide as a business solution PBX Central System, and connect the phones that you need together with a own answering machine, dial options, transfers, office hours … Let us know exactly what you need and we will help you achieve it.

Fiber Optic Connection

For all our business clients we have fiber connections with up to 4GB (4000MB) Simetric Fiber Optics, we can also provide special configurations and backup links to provide you with the most stable and high quality service in Costa Blanca.

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