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We have our own header and a distribution network of own fiber optic, we do all the cabling and the splicing with our own proper technical team.. This allows us to be absolutely flexible with the Internet speed requirement 300-600-1000-10000 Mb of upload / download of our customers. Point-to-point networks, redundancy, firewall, VPN, IP transit, etc …

This is why we are able to deliver a high quality to a very affordable price.


Fiber 600

  • 600MB Real High Speed Fiber
  • Simetrics 600MB / 600MB
  • Guaranteed Speed & Unlimited Download
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Fiber 1000

  • 1000MB High Speed Fiber
  • Simetrics 1000MB / 1000MB
  • Guaranteed Speed & Unlimited Download
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Check if we have Fiber Coverage in your area

If you can’t see your area on the current Coverage map.

We can also provide you with other Stable and HighSpeed Internet Options meanwhile until we get fiber in your area.


This type of installations consists of us putting of an antenna on your roof. To be able receive the signal we transmit from our nearest tower. Our installation process consists in that once we have got your order. First we check the coverage in your area and recommend you the best offer that might suite you. Once you are happy with the deal we proceed, going to your house and checking the signal. Making sure the service will be stable and that we can ensure the speed you want to contract with us. If we are ok with what we see and we are sure that we can deliver quality internet. In less then 1h you have your internet up and running


Wimax 5

  • 5MB Wimax Internet
  • Guaranteed Speed & Unlimited Download
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Wimax 10

  • 10MB Wimax Internet
  • Guaranteed Speed & Unlimited Download
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Wimax 20

  • 20MB Wimax Internet
  • Guaranteed Speed & Unlimited Download
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Our Internet Story

ScanSat Network has been delivering Wimax Internet by Antenna since 2003 in Costa Blanca. Since then we have been improving year by year. Improving the service, quality, the speed we deliver to our clients and of course improving the prices. We have now for more than 2 years also been working with Fiber optics. Now we are currently the company with most Capacity and also the only company in Costa blanca that can deliver Real Fiber Optics, with great quality to such an affordable price.

We can now offer you High Speed Internet both with Wimax Internet by Antenna or Fiber Optics depending on what suits you the best.

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