Alexa vs Siri vs Cortana vs Google

Alexa vs Siri vs Cortana vs Google

Alexa vs Siri vs Cortana vs Google

We can’t neglect to see the growth of the AI-controlled assistants on the gadgets. The machines are emerging rapidly. They are arranging our days, ordering our food, reserving seats, controlling cameras and lights in the house. The tech has made some amazing progress, moreover, the organizations transparently concede that these are just its initial days.

But which one can you trust and which one is the best, let’s compare.


Basic Functionalities of the Virtual Assistants.



Amazon’s savvy assistant is available through the Amazon Echo line of speakers and in addition via Amazon’s line of Fire TV and Fire tablets. The Guess Women’s Connect Smartwatch and Huawei Mate 9 are some other devices that support Alexa. There’s likewise an Alexa application, however, the app is expected principally as a supplement to another Alexa gadget and not as a solitary AI assistant.All things considered, it is advancing toward more gadgets and more devices, and there is also an accompanying mobile application.



Siri has advanced the most in recent few years, forming into a noteworthy digital right hand that can deal with a wide range of activities on your iOS gadgets, on the MAC and the latest Apple TV too. Siri’s vacancy on the Mac has been a glaring exclusion for a considerable length of time, particularly as Microsoft has had its own Cortana voice-tech operating on Windows PCs since the dispatch of Windows 10 a year ago. You can utilize Cortana on the newest Lumia Windows telephones as well, and there are different opponents arranging against Siri also.
A watcher can request Apple TV to pull up a live stream from within Apple TV apps. So, there’s a great deal of voice assistant action around, however, Siri is as yet the one to beat for Mac and iOS customers.



Cortana was presented in 2014, Microsoft states Cortana as a digital agent. Microsoft needs Cortana to be all over, including obviously its own ecosystem community, from the Skype to Xbox to LinkedIn. It can deal with basics like getting weather, controlling calendars and even getting dictation on an email. Cortana likewise works with Apple iOS gadgets and Google Android.
Microsoft has placed Cortana into its Edge web browser, which implies it’s there to help finish online undertakings, for example, searching for discounts while shopping or reserving seats.


Google Assistant

In 2012, Google addressed Apple’s Siri by adding Google Now to its sleeves. Google’s AI launched in 2016 with Google Home, an Echo contender, and another messaging application called Allo, both carrying a voice-commanded aide called Google Assistant. It’s likewise the engine for the Now.Google takes advantage of its own insight chart to recover the applicable data for users, which gives it scope as it grows abilities. Google hasn’t been all that apparent about where Google Now closes and Google Assistant starts, yet we’re accepting that Google Assistant is the future as it takes off to more handsets, having initially been a Pixel selective.



Lets Compare Functions in Different Spaces:

Lets see where each assistant is strongest, and see which assistant is best in each category.


General Knowledge

Nowadays, you can ask anything to a PC. So, on asking each of the digital assistants a few questions you will notice Google Assistant answers a bigger number of inquiries effectively than Siri, Cortana or Alexa. And in addition, usually gives context and regularly refers to a source site for the data. This will be rational given that it’s supported by Google’s capable search engine. It is the only one that could tell the right distance to Jupiter.

Winner: Google Assistant



Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant all recognized the name, plus made it simple to see and sending a message. Alexa is not as direct as utilizing SMS, given it’s held in a Bluetooth speaker, it has all the more third-party workarounds for this, yet it.

Winner: All but Alexa.



This one is dubious. No digital assistant works with each music streaming application. It’s same with the video apps. Siri works agreeably with Apple Music, yet that is the sole music application it can support. Google Assistant is somewhat better, simply because it has some help for Spotify, however, it still truly needs you to utilize YouTube or Google Play Music. Cortana is comparable — simply supplant Google’s stuff with Microsoft’s little-known service- Groove Music. Apple is the worst with music. Moderately, Alexa made things the most effortless. It defaults to Amazon’s new Music Unlimited service but at the same time is the most sensible about Spotify’s strength. It even gives you a chance to make Spotify your default player.

Winner: Alexa


Food Ordering and Making Reservations

Food ordering has also become a vital part of everyone’s life, so if you attempt a modest bunch of inquiries regarding the food ordering, reservation at a restaurant. Each of the three digital assistants offers suggestions for a decent eatery, yet just Siri advances to make a call on it by giving a chance to call for reservations or giving directions for getting there. Google Assistant’s suggestions, then again, weren’t much accurate. None of the assistants would be able to order food— yet once more, Siri will offer to call a place.

Winner: Google Assistant / Siri



When you’re prepared to go out, you might be enticed to swing to a digital assistant to locate your best direction. However, this is one territory where their capacities shift majorly.Siri is at the highest point of the assistants on this one. Not exclusively would it be able to give you a perception of how long it takes you to get somewhere, Siri can likewise automatically begin GPS navigation and offers you directions. While it can get transit directions as well.It performs an unremarkable action of answering inquiries concerning the traffic on the road since it just gets you to its Maps application.
Google Home stand at second, giving strong time judgments, yet it had some perplexity if you would like to get some info about the restaurant’s direction.That is still superior to Alexa and Cortana. Alexa’s directions suggestions are unreasonable, and it can’t deal with the public transit.

Winner: Siri


Fundamental Tasks

Now, the time is to perceive how well every virtual assistant approached: setting reminders, opening apps, clearing alarms, and changing the screen lock time on the phone. This is where these virtual assistants are generally dependable. There weren’t any real issues with demands, however, there were a couple of characteristics to notice.
Siri was ready to open up a site in a Safari browser, while Google Assistant would just open a site inside the Assistant application itself, not Chrome. Siri could also change the screen timeout lock, while Google Assistant wasn’t. Alexa was additionally the most insightful at setting the alarms.

Winner: Siri / Alexa


Voice Recognition

Siri and Google will comprehend you well when you will be in silence and near to the gadgets. There were a few mistaken assumptions, like if you ask Siri, “What’s the date after four weeks? It gives the date for one week later, as it befuddled “four” with “for”. On the whole, however, the voice recognition was noteworthy under perfect conditions.Siri is likewise great for managing everyday language, which leads it to feel natural and simple to converse with. Cortana played out to be the most awful in the fundamental voice recognition. Microsoft’s Cortana has issues understanding even with zero noise obstruction.

Winner: Google Assistant / Siri



Siri and Google Assistant are at a battle on this. We will analyze this feature using three different questions. Every assistant will perceive the name in the contacts list, let you direct the message, and sent it out immediately. Siri also let you determine a subject for the email, while Google Assistant has a richer interface. The real contrast is that Siri just works with Apple Mail, while Google utilizes Gmail. Alexa can’t even perceive the inquiry. There are clumsy workarounds you can make with IFTTT to get something near the concept, though clearly, that is not perfect.

Winner: Siri



The wide analyzing through different categories demonstrates that there is nobody fits-all winner with regards to digital assistants. None of the virtual assistants are impeccable, but which one do you prefer? Was this to help? Please leave a comment with your opinion.

Thank you and see you in next post.



Information source: Newgenapps

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